Caroline June,17// Painting the wonderful world around my to the sound of my guitar.Saved by grace.

  • athenagracee:

    In Autumn I celebrated 6(!!) years loving and being loved by Jesus; I experienced a resurrected and renewed heart through #colourconf; served at #kyck14, #easterfest with Open Doors Youth, and #citytocityau where I was given a huge passion and burden for Sydney; moved to Balmain and became part of the beautiful family at City Light Balmain; celebrated the launch of Anchor Church Sydney; starting working for the infamous James Day Weddings and the wonderful Mici Magazine; and fell in love all over again with the relentless God of Hosea whose love is redeeming and renewing.

    Boom. Thanks Autumn.

    Bring on winter.

  • Today, today was a tough day. Sometimes I think it’s God’s way of letting us know that we’re only human, and that we can’t do everything. It’s days like these that make us stronger. And we can’t give up, ever. Xx

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    Sneak from behind (by Eric Lui)

    all year round autumn/halloween blog!